To start with, the question we get asked the most is; What does N’erapy mean? Simply put, N’erapy is a contraction for Natural Therapy. We find therapy in the simplest things, such as good food, a healthy lifestyle, and surrounding ourselves with the things that make us happy. For many people, a good morning workout is very therapeutic, while for others it’s a mid-afternoon nap that gives them the daily peace and happiness they deserve. As much as we’d love to say N’erapy is always about the healthiest ingredients in our foods, we understand that sometimes a thick slice of delicious cheesecake can be the perfect treatment for the blues. Either way, our goal is to provide you with options to help you live your best life.

The other question we get a lot is; Who is the team behind N’erapy? We are an over 40, Texas-based couple that struggles with our fitness, just like everyone else our age seems to do. Jo Anna is an IIN Certified Health Coach and a baker, specializing in healthy baked goods and nut butters. Matt runs an advertising agency and coaches indoor cycling in his spare time. He holds a Stages Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification.


Have a few questions about N’erapy or perhaps you are looking for information on one of our products, services, or recommendations? Just drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we can.