What is the Best Tasting Bang Energy Drink?

What is the Best Tasting Bang Energy Drink?

Let me start by saying, I am a huge fan of Bang Energy. They stand apart from so many of the other drinks in the sector because they are more of a fitness drink than an “energy drink.” When I think of energy drinks, I think of Monster and Red Bull. I’m not saying those products are inferior (okay, maybe I am), but I just prefer Bang for what makes it so different. To begin with, Bang drinks are calorie and sugar-free, which is a big deal for me. Yes, I do realize they are jacked up in the caffeine department, but I use Bang as a substitute for pre-workout on a regular basis and I need that caffeine for when I coach at 5:15 in the morning.

Typically you will find the Bang with fitness products, not with the other energy drinks. When I first started seeing Bang in the stores, it was always on the same aisle as the protein powders, meal replacement bars, and pre-workouts, so the placement just makes more sense. Another thing that sets Bang apart from other drinks in the category is the addition of CoQ10 and other beneficial ingredients.

Before I get into my ranking of the Top 10 Bang Flavors, let me drop a few personal comments. I have not had ALL of the Bang flavors, so I am reviewing based on the flavors I have tried. Also, as with many of my posts, yes, I have affiliate links on my site and yes, I get a commission if you click one of my links and buy something, but almost all of the products in this sector are sold on Amazon (where I primarily link my content to) so I’d like to think my reviews are not biased. I would get the same benefit regardless of which products I review. I just want to share what I like and tell you about my favorites, so you don’t have to go out and try all thirty-something flavors on your own.

Note: Some of the packages have changed since I first started writing this post, so if the photo doesn’t match what you see on Amazon or at your local grocery store, do not fret.

10. Miami Cola

I have tasted more than 10 flavors of Bang and if I am going, to be honest, Miami Cola really doesn’t make my Top 10, in fact, it would probably be dead last if I reviewed all of their flavors. Simply put, I think Bang Miami Cola tastes like watered down, diet, generic cola. It really doesn’t deserve to be associated with the rest of the Bang family. If this were the first Bang I ever tried, it would have been my last, so if you dare to try it, please try a half-dozen or so of the other flavors first.

9. Cotton Candy

I will preface this paragraph with the fact that I loathe cotton candy-flavored anything. That said, if you like cotton candy, Bang Cotton Candy might be worth a try. It is the essence of sweetness. When you open it up you will immediately smell the heavy cotton candy scent. It isn’t a flavor I could see myself going back for again, even if I liked cotton candy flavor, it is just too much sweet for me.

8. Frosé Rosé

I don’t get the fascination with rose, even rosé wine, so when an energy drink company comes out with a drink called Bang Frosé Rosé I begin to question everything. For several years, I was in the wine business, I sold high-end wine in Houston, so I’d like to say I can spot rosé flavor when I taste it. Maybe when you very first crack open the can, you can find a HINT of rosé, but that is it. The primary flavors I pick up are grape (which makes sense) and then honeydew and raspberry. It isn’t the worst flavor I’ve ever had, I just don’t catch the rosé flavor or even scent enough to make it worth another try.

7. Purple Haze

For the grape soda fanatics out there, I’ll give this one a nod as being a decent representation of the grape sodas from the 1980s. Bang Purple Haze is actually one that I don’t buy on a regular basis, but when I am feeling sentimental about my younger years, I will grab one pre-workout. This is not a daily drink for most unless you are a diehard grape soda geek.

6. Birthday Cake Bash

Yes, this does taste like birthday cake, a LOT LIKE BIRTHDAY CAKE. So if you aren’t into the overt sweetness of cake frosting, stay away from this bad boy. I personally kind of dig it once in a while, especially if I need to throw down a quick can before I coach or before I hit the weight floor. It gives me the sugar rush and the pop that I sometimes need. Bang Birthday Cake Bash is not for everyone though. As I mentioned before, if you are an individual that scrapes the frosting off of your cake, avoid this flavor.

5. Whole Lotta Piña Colada

At some point, Bang changed the name of this one from Piña Colada to Bang Whole Lotta Piña Colada and it made sense, this has a whole lot of piña colada flavor! I have read other reviews that say it tastes nothing like piña colada and I am afraid I have to disagree. Sure, this doesn’t have rum and coconut liqueur in it, but the scent and taste are definitely reminiscent of piña colada. The required pineapple and coconut flavors are there, so if you are a fan of the adult beverage namesake, give this one a shot. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

4. Star Blast

Bang Star Blast reminds me of the blue Spree candy from my childhood, maybe it is their attempt at a blueberry flavor, maybe it is just a figment of my imagination, but I do like this flavor. There are hints of citrus and other berries in the can with the sweet smell that is typical of Bang drinks. I like this one because it has enough fruity flavor without going too far in one direction, this is a well-balanced drink. This is a really good flavor for me, it ALMOST made my Top 3.

3. Rainbow Unicorn

Bang Rainbow Unicorn is certainly one of the most fun names in their energy drink arsenal. Given that there is no clue as to what the flavor is on the exterior of the can, I imagine many people buy this one just to see what it is. I’ll tell you what I taste, watermelon gum. Yup, that is what I said, and I really dig it. Not sure why I like this one so much, I just do. The sweetness isn’t over the top like the name would lead you to believe and the combination of the melon and gum flavors work for me. I will say this, while many of my friends really love this flavor, I have a few friends who aren’t too keen on the taste. If you do like watermelon flavor, I recommend you give it a shot.

2. Krazy Key Lime Pie

This is one of the flavors that are true to its name. Bang Krazy Key Lime Pie really does taste a lot like key lime pie. I will admit that I am a big fan of the dessert namesake, so this one was a must-try for me. If you are hesitant to try this one, thinking it may be tart or citrusy, don’t worry, this one is a well-balanced work of energy drink art. Love, love, love the key lime flavor of this one!

1. Black Cherry Vanilla

Bang Black Cherry Vanilla reminds me of all the time I spent in the kitchen with my mother when I was growing up. My mother did a lot of baking and as any baker knows, there are a lot of recipes that require almond and vanilla extract. This drink has so much of both of those flavors. Now I have heard from many of my Texas-based friends, that it tastes a bit like Diet Dr. Pepper and I don’t totally disagree with them. I can see where they get that from. I have had others liken it more to Cherry Coke, which also makes a bit of sense, but I’ll stick with the extract comparison. I do realize these flavors aren’t for everyone, but in my humble opinion, this is Bang’s most balanced, daily-drinkable, beverage in their family. I highly recommend you give it a try.

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